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Thames pupil wins national drawing competition

November 9, 2018

Thames pupil Margot wins the ISA National KS4 Drawing competition against all ISA schools in country. Kylie was second runner up. Congratulations to you both! #ISAAwards2018

Thames joins NACE

November 3, 2018

The National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) is dedicated to supporting schools across every aspect of provision for more able learners.  Their guiding principles match the ethos and values at Thames to develop fully the potential in all our pupils, many of whom are very able. Some of NACE’s core principles are:

  • Addressing the needs of more able learners will raise achievement for a much wider group of learners.
  • Providing for more able learners is not about labelling, but about creating a curriculum and learning opportunities which allow all children to flourish.
  • Ability can be revealed across a range of specific domains and not only in traditional academic subjects.
  • An ethos of high expectations and aspirations is a central plank for any providing for more able learners.

Our membership gives us access to dedicated teaching resources, guidance, support and training, enabling teachers to attain the best from able pupils in the everyday classroom, whilst enabling all pupils to flourish and achieve.

2018 Year 7 Camp

November 2, 2018

The annual Year 7 residential activity camp took place earlier last  month at the The Horstead Centre on the edge of the Norfolk Broads near Norwich. Pupils had the most amazing time. Teachers reported that has been a real joy to see them build in confidence and make new friends as the days progressed. They pulled together really well in an number of challenging activities from climbing and tunnelling to abseiling and raft-making. A night walk also added to the excitement. The whole group responded well to the challenges of the trip, making the most of opportunities and, first and foremost, building strong friendships.

Successful Enterprise Day

November 1, 2018

The fantastic team from Moon Lane Ink just ran a bookshop enterprise challenge for our Year 10. This challenge is similar to those of the well-known TV series The Apprentice but with books. Groups had to source, brand and market their own bookshop ideas to a panel an author and staff from Moon Lane. They learnt valuable skills including leadership, project management, communication and sales. The prize: to run an actual pop-up bookshop in school later that week.  The worthy winners this year were Chantae, Sydney and Anna who were able to keep the cash profits from their book sales.

Thames Naples Visit

October 31, 2018

This month, 16 pupils from years 7-10 enjoyed a trip to the Bay of Naples to enrich their study of Geography. In glorious sunshine they explored the remains of Herculaneum and developed their fieldsketching skills and understanding of tectonic processes from Mount Vesuvius. They gasped at the underwater town and mosaics of Baia and conquered the cliffs of Capri to visit the Villa San Michele, before recovering with a swim in the sea.  The final day was spent exploring Pompeii where pupils remained engaged and enthusiastic despite the torrential rain and thunder that coincided with their visit. They learnt about the hundreds of innovations created by the Romans, including speed bumps and fast food takeaways, as well as systems to run a polyglot city efficiently.

All four days were fuelled by copious amounts of local food and everyone was delighted to discover the wonder of pasta as the first of three courses! Margherita pizza also featured highly in its home region, with one boy declaring his very first meal in Italy, “The best pizza I have ever had.”