Year 10 recently spent three days at Carroty Wood Activity Centre in Kent at the start of their GCSE course. The aim of the camp was a) to foster positive relationships for every pupil so that they could learn with confidence and b) develop trust between each other and staff by means of tackling high ropes courses and a towering climbing wall. 

Study and revision skills sessions got pupils thinking about how to work ‘smart’ as well as working ‘hard’ and how they could strategically improve their organisation or revision plans at this early stage in order to manage demands on their time and attention later. There were teaching sessions on our school values and their purpose, including our Culture of Honour, which led to a really encouraging time in which pupils bravely and publicly honoured those who were positive cultural influencers. We believe that with this introduction to the year they will make the most of every lesson and begin their GCSEs with effective strategies to work towards their exams.