Why choose Thames for your child?

Dr Stephen Holsgrove Head

An old African proverb says: “It takes a village to raise a child.” At Thames we believe that success in life is about more than academic achievement. Success is also about making good choices, building positive relationships and developing the resilience to overcome challenges.

It is said that you can trace your life back to three or four decisions you make as a teenager. Teenage years are a formative time during which young people set a course for their lives.

How many of us can look back and say that we owe much of what we do to a particular teacher? Though this teacher may have encouraged and inspired us in a particular subject, their influence was probably deeper, shaping the way that we see life and awakening our interests and curiosity.

By fostering a strong connection between staff and students, our pupils develop the wisdom, confidence and resilience to become authentic leaders, able to rise above challenges. They learn to make good choices and understand that every choice has consequences.

We go out of our way to recruit excellent teachers who are passionate about their subjects and whose warmth fosters enthusiasm in the pupils. High quality teaching and small classes enable the teachers to build a rapport with each individual, nurture their talents and inspire them to achieve.

Many of our teachers are professionals in their field, bringing a unique edge to their teaching. This enhances the array of co-curricular opportunities in academic, sporting and creative subjects. Our size enables pupils to have much greater participation than in a larger environment.

As a result pupils excel in a wide range of subjects from the traditionally academic to the creative arts and technology. Over the past three years 44% of grades have been A*/A and 88% A*/C. In 2017 87% of our leavers attained at least one A*/A grade, 53% at least two and 40% at least 3 A*/A grades. The academic success reflects their personal growth and means that pupils have no difficulty gaining places at their first choice of sixth form, often at top independent and grammar schools.

Pupils participate in a rich programme of co-curricular activities, external events, competitions and local and international trips including an award winning annual trip to Tanzania, where they work alongside villagers in one of the poorest areas of the world to bring them clean water and health.

I would like to invite you to come to one of our Open Mornings in order to meet our staff and pupils and see for yourself how your child could flourish at Thames. Alternatively feel free to book a personal tour at a time to suit you.

Dr Stephen Holsgrove

Our School Aims

Our aim is that each pupil understands they have innate value as an individual, and a sense of purpose as a member of the school community.  

Our aim is that each pupil recognises and is passionate about nurturing their unique gifts, skills and talents both within and beyond the school community.

Our aim is to prepare each pupil for life by embracing academic preparation, good character and understanding of the world.