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April 9, 2020

Thames goes online

The challenge posed by Covid-19 has certainly given us lots to think about. Thanks to our IT investment in the Google platform, we were able to move the whole learning environment online in just a week. Staff have been amazing at embracing this challenge and the normal timetable of lessons, even practical subjects such as art, are being delivered live to pupils in their homes. This also includes tutor times, assemblies, PE sessions and one to one support lessons. Feedback from parents is incredibly positive: it has kept their children engaged, motivated and so importantly connected to each other as well as with their teachers during this time of isolation.

There is no doubt that this has forced innovation into the school’s teaching techniques and the best of these innovations will continue when life returns to normal. An example: Year 10 Business Studies took the opportunity of online school to have a visiting speaker join the class to talk about her work for a marketing agency. With construction of its new building on Grant Road progressing quickly, Thames is choosing to see this situation as an opportunity to develop and become a stronger and better school ready to take full advantage of its new state of the art facilities which will open in September 2021.