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October 31, 2019

Life-changing trip to Tanzania

Giving out mosquito nets

In October a team of 20 Year 10/11 pupils went to Musoma on the shore of Lake Victoria to work with the charity Go MAD in Tanzania for a fortnight. They started the trip with a Dirty Water Walk where they were taken to see the water sources from which villagers drink. This could be a nearby waterhole or from Lake Victoria, a two hour walk each way. In either case the water is unclean from diluted sewage and diseases such as bilharzia, typhoid and parasitic worms. A water tank to capture rainwater transforms the health of a family. Pupils funded the building of three water tanks and helped to build them by mixing concrete and tying together reinforcing mesh. 

Many families have almost no income so the provision of a goat shed and an Irish milk goat to generate an annual income of £200 is equally a life-changer. The team funded and built six goat sheds and bought them goats. The villagers welcomed us into their communities in a way that was profound. We were challenged by the smiles, despite the poverty - so much happiness and so few possessions.

The team also funded a malaria education day at a village primary school and gave out 300 mosquito nets. Some pupils used a drone to map the area as part of a reforestation initiative - Go MAD is working with local farmers to plant 20,000 trees by the end of the year.

There was also time for relaxation with visits to the beach, the local church and a short safari in the Serengeti National Park. 

Stephen Holsgrove, Head, commented: “This trip is one of the most valuable educational initiatives we undertake as a school. Pupils return changed: more mature, open-minded and focused. The trip really does take them out of their comfort zone and challenges what they take for granted.”