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September 24, 2019

Year 10 Study & Activity Camp

Climbing wall

This year for the first time Thames ran a camp for our Year 10s at outward bound centre, Carroty Wood in Tonbridge, ahead of starting their GCSE courses. The aim was for pupils to think through their approach to their GCSE exams and learn effective study skills techniques. We balanced this with some excellent team building activities alongside climbing and high ropes.

There were teaching sessions on our school values and their purpose, with time to discuss pupils' personal responses. The pupils built valuable study and revision skills and began to think how to work ‘smart’ as well as working ‘hard’. Thames has been focusing on growth mindset and how pupils can be people who instead of saying ‘I can’t’ with a fixed mindset, ask ‘how can I?’. 

Pupils were challenged to be self reflective and consider how to improve on their current approach to their learning. They grew in motivation and strengthened relationships within their peer group and with staff. We hope they will make the most of every lesson and begin their GCSEs with effective strategies to work towards their exams. We are looking forward to continuing to work and support them as they reach their potential this year.