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February 17, 2019

Questions about God Week

A new introduction this term was Questions about God, a week of lunchtime drop in sessions designed for pupils to investigate, should they wish, more about faith. Pupils could come and listen to guest speakers on: the purpose of humanity; what it means to be a Christian; Science and God; whether God exists and why God would allow suffering. Speakers included Jake Moores, Hillsong Church, Lucy Green, The Stewards’ Trust, Josh Moxon, Holy Trinity Clapham, and Joel Hughes, youth pastor at St Mark's Battersea. The week’s highlight was Joshua Hansen from RZIM giving a talk on suffering. His talk stimulated many questions from pupils such as why wars are started in the name of religion and what does God think of the way we are treating the earth. The talks did not assume a Christian faith and discussed the perspectives of other religions and worldviews