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October 11, 2018

Caring for our mental health

Learning to thrive in whatever life throws at us is an essential skill. Part of our Wellbeing Programme here at Thames is to encourage pupils to develop resilience when faced with change and difficult circumstances.

Here are our top five tips for families:

1. Build positive relationships:  Staying connected with supportive family and friends is important as it encourages and builds you up.

2. Be courageous:  Don’t listen to your fears as they often turn out to be unfounded. Maintain an optimistic outlook and turn your anxieties into an opportunity to grow.

3. Value small positive changes:  Certain circumstances cannot be changed. Focus instead on changes you can make, however small. Small positive changes make a difference over time.  

4. Maintain a long term perspective:  Avoid focusing on yourself and your problems and constantly talking about them. Instead try to be more outward looking and keep a broader perspective.

5. Care for yourself:  Ensure that you build into your life activities you enjoy. Keeping active is beneficial as is taking time to relax.

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