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August 23, 2018

Pupils succeed in a broad range of GCSE subjects

Impressive results as pupils achieve highly in both the traditionally academic and creative subjects

At Thames pupils unique gifts are developed enabling them to thrive at GCSE irrespective of background or academic ability. This year our pupils have much to celebrate with 34% of grades at 9-7 (A*/A) and 77% at 9-4 (A*/C).

What makes Thames stand out is its impressive results in a broad range of subjects. A high percentage of 9-7 grades were achieved in many subjects including: Chemistry 56%, Physics 42%, Computer Science 50%, Art 76%, Graphics 100%, Music 100% and Spanish 40%. As a result pupils become well-rounded individuals with a good understanding of the world and a strong grasp of skills increasingly demanded for employability – creativity, critical thinking, communication and problem solving.

Outstanding individual performances include: James who achieved nine 9-7 grades with seven 9s, one 8 and an A in Additional Maths; Kale who attained eight 9-7 grades including four 9s with a Value Add of 2.3. Sophia attained 12 9-7 grades including four 9s and a B in Additional Maths. Nicola achieved seven 9-7 grades including two 9s and a Value Add of 2.7; Zhanru attained five 9-7 grades including two 9s and an A in Additional Maths. Jasmin also achieved eight 9-7 grades.

Stephen Holsgrove, Head teacher, Thames Christian School comments:  “At Thames, we foster children’s unique gifts and help them to thrive, giving each pupil the opportunity to become the best they can be. Pupils come to understand that accomplishment does not depend on ability, but on learning how to learn well. Guided by our Christian ethos, pupils come to find their true identity and live from a place of innate value. This sets our pupils apart from other young people when competing for school places and jobs and is why almost all our pupils are offered places at their first choice of sixth form.”