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July 24, 2018

School’s out for Summer - what next?

How do you help your child strike a good balance between relaxation and study in the holidays to avoid the ‘Summer brain drain’ - Stephen Holsgrove, Head of Thames Christian School provides sound advice on how to spend the holiday period.

As parents breathe a sigh of relief that the last week of the school term is over and their child can take a much needed break, the most frequently asked question has to be ‘what are you doing during the holidays’? With schools and University admissions becoming increasingly competitive it is understandable that parents

have concerns about their children losing some of what they have learned during the school year over the summer. So how is free time best to be filled?

Our advice at Thames is as follows:  

We know every pupil really well. Every child is unique and will approach learning differently. Some children, especially those who have worked hard all year, benefit from a clear break from revision and school work. Others find it helpful to brush up their knowledge in specific subject areas and some enjoy the structure that comes with regular academic learning during the holidays. Form tutors and parents communicate regularly and tailored advice is given to suit each child.   

Our Google Cloud platform and intranet enables pupils to access their work from anywhere. The best results from learning are achieved when the work is relevant, structured and interesting to the individual. We encourage ALL pupils to continue to read for enjoyment in the holidays and offer a summer reading challenge, where pupils share book reviews with their peers and teachers.

Summer activities are important in developing life skills and building pupils’ overall confidence and wellbeing. This in turn helps them to achieve their best academically. We also encourage pupils who take part in work experience over the holidays to develop their skills set and learn more about potential careers. Engaging your child in meaningful conversation by encouraging them to express themselves and their opinions orally will also help, both in keeping you connected and assisting the development of their language and social skills.

In sum, every child is different and needs different things in order to thrive. However, a break from school work is important for children. Relaxation and good conversation should come before tutoring.

We at Thames wish you a great Summer!

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