Pastoral Care

At Thames each pupil is valued as an individual, unique and gifted for a purpose. Our exceptional staff take the time to understand each individual, helping pupils to discover their identity and purpose and become comfortable with who they are.

Genuinely caring about each pupil, teachers build trust and open communication with pupils and parents. This relationship is highly valued. Teachers are accessible to parents, tutor groups are small and a dedicated website provides live information on progress and future assignments.

Expectations of behaviour are high. Through positive mentoring and strong staff/pupil rapport, pupils develop excellent and respectful relationships with their peers, demonstrating acceptance, respect and compassion. Pupils build strong bonds of trust and make friendships which they enjoy throughout their time at Thames and beyond.

The development of excellent personal qualities is a crucial partner to academic and social success. The focus on developing character, integrity and interpersonal skills is evident to everyone who meets Thames pupils and sets them apart when competing for school places and jobs. For this reason almost all our pupils are offered places at their first choice of sixth form.

Underpinning the relational ethos at Thames, all pupils follow a strong, ethical Wellbeing
programme which has four strands:

  • Life Skills: Valuing ourselves and growing in character
  • Relationships: Developing positive relationships with others
  • Citizenship: Being an active member of the community
  • Work Skills: Preparing for employment

“The school is about values, substance, contributing to a better world, seeing strengths in each child and challenging them to achieve.” Thames parent 2017