Maths & Computer Science


Pupils follow a Mathematics curriculum that draws on many teaching techniques particularly from Asia. This curriculum adopts a variety of methods including visual processes so that pupils become fluent in the foundational aspects of Number before moving on to more advanced concepts.

The most able pupils go on to take Additional Maths (an AS level qualification), allowing topics like advanced Calculus and Trigonometry to be studied in depth, forming an excellent basis for A Level Maths. Pupils also participate in national competitions such as the UKMT Maths Challenge and can attend after school masterclasses at King’s College School of Mathematics.


Computer Science

In keeping with our approach to the creative design orientated subjects pupils learn skills that can easily be transferred to industry. The Computer Science curriculum has been developed and is delivered by a professional software developer with extensive experience in industry. Focusing on understanding design and architecture, rather than just coding, pupils use Java as the platform of choice, learning objected oriented analysis and design skills in addition to the more procedural algorithmic based solutions required by the examinations.

After learning some design and coding skills in Years 7 and 8 using platforms such as App Inventor, pupils can start their GCSE in Computer Science in Year 9 and can move to A Level topics in Year 11.