Learning Support

Thames is a mainstream school with recognised provision for a small number of pupils with mild to moderate specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia. Led by a highly qualified SENDCO who manages a team of specialist learning support teachers the quality of learning support is recognised by CReSTeD, the Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils.

Support may be provided on a one to one basis or within the classroom, depending on a pupil’s need and funding. Pupils may, where necessary, follow a tailored curriculum taking GCSE exams in fewer subjects that give them greater opportunity for success.

Pupils with SpLD, especially dyslexia, are often highly creative and take full advantage of the exceptionally high standard of our creative and performing arts departments, often opting to complete two Art GCSEs, take part in performances or become key members of our sports teams. Other SpLD pupils may be gifted in specific areas and take advantage of the extension opportunities offered in subjects like Maths, Science, History and English.

Flexibility exists to ensure that each pupil is in the right year group. For some being held back a year can give them time to consolidate and achieve highly at GCSE whereas for others being moved forward a year can enable them to take GCSEs early.

By providing the correct support, pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties can become high achievers and inspire others. A significant number of our A*/A grades are achieved by pupils with a Specific Learning Difficulty such as dyslexia or Asperger Syndrome.