History is taught in a way which captures pupils' interest and generates enthusiasm. Pupils learn about our heritage and the motivations and actions of people in the past. Arranged chronologically, our syllabus covers the medieval period up to the Cold War, enabling pupils to understand where specific events fit into the broader historical context.

A popular subject at GCSE, our History department won the 2016 Good Schools Guide Award: Best performance taking History GCSE at an English independent school. History is used to reinforce literacy skills and pupils learn how to structure and write extended essays, developing the ability to evaluate sources, think critically and analyse events. Extra-curricular History clubs give pupils the opportunity to study Historiography, political cartoons and topics or historical characters beyond the curriculum.



In Year 7 and 8 pupils focus on the physical world, studying earthquakes and volcanoes, the weather, rivers and ecosystems. In Year 9 pupils are encouraged to think more critically, researching and debating Fair Trade, globalisation and child labour.

The GCSE curriculum develops their skills further, covering elements of physical and human Geography. It is a popular option and provides a good introduction to statistical data analysis. Fieldwork is undertaken in and around Battersea, the Olympic Park and Canary Wharf. Recent overseas trips have included Iceland and Naples.


Religious Studies

At Thames pupils are taught to engage positively with other people. Learning to listen, seeking to understand, and respecting others’ faiths and worldviews is essential.

The Religious Studies curriculum prepares pupils for adult life by teaching them about the major world religions. The GCSE syllabus is taken by all Year 10 pupils and focuses on Christianity, Christian ethics and Islam.


Business Studies

Business Studies is a popular option at GCSE that helps pupils understand finance, economics, business ownership, aims, objectives, marketing, people and law.

Many pupils develop an entrepreneurial mindset in preparation for a future of self-employment or business leadership. The GCSE course helps to stretch our pupils' analytical and thinking skills, preparing them for the next phase of their education.