In English pupils learn to build communication skills and the ability to think creatively. Through their own passion for the subject, teachers foster a love of language and literature, whilst maximising the individual potential of each pupil. Accurate use of grammatical structures, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary lay the foundation for pupils to become assured and engaging writers and speakers.

Clubs in English typically include debating, journalism, science fiction and creative writing. The most able are entered into and often find success in national competitions.

All pupils are expected to take GCSEs in both English Literature and English Language and many go on to study English at A Level. Over the years pupils' results have demonstrated that weaker literacy skills are not a barrier to success in English GCSE.



Emily came to Thames in Year 7 from a specialist dyslexic school. Gifted in Art and English, she has gradually grown in confidence as we have seen her potential unlocked. She achieved A*s in Graphics, Fine Art, English and English Literature, As in History and Religious Studies, Bs in Geography and Additional Science and Cs in Maths and Science.

Her Value Add was 2.7 grades higher than her prediction tests indicated. In the ISA London West Art competition, Emily was awarded 2nd in the KS4 Individual Category.